Edgy Jackets| Peter-pan Collars|Hats and Fedora’s| Paris Milan Runway Winter Fashion trends 2012

The Winter Fashion trends at Paris fashion week and Milan fashion week for the year 2012 were flooded with all the edgy Winter-gear one can think of! Gorgeous 70’s chick collar dresses, polka dots, bright orange and shocking pink colours, classic pants, Peter-pan collars, hats and fedora’s. It seems the retro fashion is taking a new turn with Winter fashion trends of 2012. Herez a peek-a-boo at what can be a part of Winter Wardrobe this season!! In my view everything that you posses(denims, coats, furs, etc) and everything that your mom has of her days is precious for this Classic meets Hobo Winter Fashion!!

2012 milan fashion week colection1970’s Disco theme cap,70’s style collar shirt with electric purple skirt and silver pointed shoes. And a yellow wool sweater to nulify the effect!! P.S -cant miss that flat clutch

stylish winter fashion neon colour 2012Love the pale pink pants!!

70's comeback trend-winter fashion 201270′ Comeback Peterpan neck, blazer jacket and sling bag purse with platform heels!!

2012 fashion week collection -paris

Pale pink and denims way to go!! cant miss the yellow clutch.. what a combo!!

detachable peterpan collar neckRemember the Peter-pan neck of 70’s and 80’s?? They are back with a bang and you can buy one of these detachable ones too!

sweater polka dots fashion 2012All time favorite sweater with Bow and Polka dotted skirt are in for generations togather!

catwalk cateye glasses 2012Something Similar at paris fashion week, however the trend showcased here are the lovely cat-eye glasses worn by the model.

cat-eye glasses of 1970how can we forget the original 1970’s cat-eye glasses!!

2012 paris fashion week trendsShort jacket and pert necks showcased at Milan fashion week 2012

peterpan collar jacket-fashion trends 2012Peter pan neck jacket, fur and shiny clutch are straight from the 1970’s to the runway of Milan Fashion week 2012

latest fashion trends 2012Another look from the classic trend matched up with a feminine dress here!

YELLOW SHORT JACKET-fashion trends 2012Short jacket again

peterpan neck-alexia fashion trends 2012Alexia Chung in her peter-pan neck top . These days pictures of Alexia wearing these ’70s Peterpan neck are doing round on the internet.

gold clutch

Lovely statement piece


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