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After showering the Hollywood’s Celebs with its elan and sophisticated chic avatars, Hermes Birkin is now set to be the Most wanted and desired-for asset for our Indian Beauties…. Not long ago did we see the Pakistani Fashion Icon and Political leader Hina Rabbani Khar in her exquisite Hermes Bags making the Media and Shutterbugs go Ooh- Aah!!! Seems Fashionistas in India have followed the trend making the Birkin the latest Fashion trend this season.

The most happening Birkin Fan amongst Indian celebrities is Anu Dewaan, She owns almost all colours of this marvelous bag and has carried it graciously at all the latest social events..

anu dewaan birkin fetish|latest fashion trends 2011

The next birkin Celeb is our own “LOLO”. Karishma looks Fab these days, and her Birkin collection has become the icing on the cake for shutterbugs…


Deepika Padukone is not behind in the Birkin fever, her beige coloured Birkin bags have become an essential part amongst her travelling bags. She never travels without one!!!

Deepika padukone-hermes-birkin-bag-trends-2011

Kangana ranaut also carries her orange birkin along with her on her tours and trips.. However she seems to be so dazzaled with Birkin bags that she wore one with a saree at a recent ekta kapoor’s diwali bash… However trendy and expensive it may be but a Bag with saree is always a complete NO NO!! from me…

Kangana-ranaut-birkin-bags-2011-fashion-trendsTwinkle khanna also owns a nice collection of trendy hermes bags…

twinkle khanna-hermes-bag-collection-fashion-trends-2011

Shilpa Shetty has possessed these exotic statement bags since quite long time… She might be the first one to start the Birkin Trend in India…


Suzzane Khan was spotted recently in a bright pink sexy birkin,,,

Suzzanne Khan-Hermes-Birkin-Pink-Bag-Fashion-Trends-2011

Tanisha Mohan (Socialite) was captured in various Birkin shades (Coutesy: High Heel Confidential)


Neetu Singh and Tina Ambani too are Birkin Fan’s (Courtesy: High Heel Confidential)


Last but not least, Hollywood brand ambassador of Birkin Bags, Victoria Beckham who owns not less than a 100 Birkin’s in her various extravagant Birkin bags.

Victoria Beckham-Hermes-Birkin-Collection-Fashion-Trends-2011


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