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If you think fashion is priviledged for young girls and Women, you are completely wrong! The latest Fashion trends for monsoon has a special place for Kids-wear! Kids wear varying from frilly frocks to sleek pants, tank tops to smart hats kids now have lots of options…  Lately fashion designers are busy designing clothes for kids of the celebrities and big bangs of the Industry as well as outside industry. These special guys and girls have varied options for thier dress-up that too according to the season.. Now thats what we call Royal upbringing!

Take a look on the latest fashion trends for kids for Monsooon Season.


Frilly tops and denims loose shorts with bright colours and flowery patterns are a rage amongst kids this season … These comfortable and easy to wear outfits are a blessing for Working Mom’s who needn’t worry about the kids messing up thier clothes… They require no ironing.. and no loose belts hanging down thier feet…smart & cute..

cute-frock-2011-fashion trends

The cute frock with shoulder bands is sure a neat outfit for your baby to go out and splash in rains or get along with mom’s on street shopping this season. The straight cut dress is very comfortable and the hand-work provides a ethnic touch,  she would adore it.

You can add a wide hat to her outfit to give her protection from rain and sun as well as make her look cuter… A matching pair of floaters would be a perfect match.


Lively colorful hats with stone accessories are great for grown-ups ..monsoon-fashion-accesorries-childrenwear

For those who love frills, light translucent materials with frills and flowers in soft hues is a great option. If you want your Barbie’s  to look fashionable and cute go for these wide range of frocks and gowns..


A beautiful flowery  short top with bright colours  and big patterns is too attractive to avoid …


A cotton frock just above ankle is a sober and chic option I would personally prefer to dress my doll with..

cute dress monsoon 2011

For a more protected outfit for your naughty kid an overall covering fitted leggings with nice top and small sweater over it will make your baby look well-groomed and avoid her from catching cold…The frilly skirt will make her appear like a doll…


So go get your kids ready… with the latest Monsoon trends…




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