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The TIMES OF INDIA article for 7th July 2011, depicts braided hairstyle as the hottest trend! Get the whole article here.. If you missed it…


The downright cute, manageable and perfect hairstyle this season is the fishtail braid, says hair and make-up stylist Aashmeen Munjal.

“It tames frizz and gives you style at the same time,” she explains. The stylist gives out someĀ tipson how to be innovative with theĀ fishtail braid look.

– Go for the dishevelled, messy or clean look depending on the occasion or the event that you are attending.

– Try funky colours like royal blue, shocking deep green, firey red, lime green or florescent fuchsia on the angular side fringe or bottom hair to add a coveted wow-effect.

– The hair should be braided close to the scalp until about halfway down from the hairline. This will give the braid a very soft, beautiful and delicately draped look.

– If you have bangs, secure them with a clip, else just part your hair down the middle to give your face a lean look.

– The side fishtail braid is absolutely the best hair style for summer as it looks very clean.

What’s more you can un-braid it for naturally gorgeous waves at night!

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