FashionMate turns traditional with Indian Bandhani Dress – Bandhej at FashionMate

FashionMate turns traditional with Indian Bandhani Dress – Bandhej at FashionMate

Hey Guys,

Time for being traditional…

On my latest Shopping spree, I went all Traditional with Indian Bandhej famously called as Bandhani prevalent in North Gujarat and Rajasthan.

This unique tie-dye practice on silk, cotton-silk as well as cotton material with ravishing colours leads to Authentic Indian look, giving you a perfect traditional touch.

Check out my latest Bandhani Collection.Green & Maroon Fashionable bandhani 2011

Dark pink & Grey fashionable bandhani 2011

Fashionable Purple Bandhej dress with gold print

Coccum and Light green Bandhani fashionable 2011Gold & Coral Red latest bandhani 2011




You can team up this Bandhani with broad Kuttchi Lace-borders

as well as you can design a fabulous Kurti out of it to give a traditional touch to your professional look.

Purple with royal blue in gold print fashionable bandhani

Bandhej sarees are also World famous, one of the best amongst them is the Panetar with Bandhani, and I love my own Bandhej Panetar in Gaji Silk.

In case you guys don’t know what Panetar is, it is a traditional Guajarati Bridal wear. It is a saree in white and red mainly on Silk.

Get a look on my Panetar (My wedding dress) with Bandhej.

red and white gorgeous panetar bandhani in gaji silk

Hope you guys enjoyed the Traditional Avtar of FashionMate..;)

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